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How it Works

Checkout the benefits of our program in this short video from our academic partner The Compass School


Compass School teachers are lifelong educators with a minimum of a Master’s degree who come from a variety of different backgrounds. They are educated at world renowned institutions and trained in every subject ranging from English language and literature to social studies, math, science, technology and more.

95% of our teachers have multiple advanced graduate degrees and have taught at prestigious universities, as well as at both private and public secondary schools around the globe. Combined, they have traveled to over 120 different countries, speak over twenty different languages, and can teach any subject or curriculum our students may need.

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How Courses are Taught

Teachers at The Compass School provide personalized 1-on-1 or small group classes, as well as large group classes that are customized for students at all levels of competency. Courses can be tailored to fit students’ specific academic needs.

The Compass School is a pioneering school that only provides 100% live online classes in our immersive classroom. Alongside live teaching sessions, there are comprehensive homework reviews for each class, as well as graded assignments, quizzes, and tests throughout the course.

Learning Management System

UE+ is a proprietary platform created by experts in education and technology to help students manage their studies. Students can book and attend classes, communicate with their teachers, exchange documents, access content, and much more!

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Courses We Offer

We have courses for all age groups, including accredited primary, middle, and high school courses. Students at The Compass School students have the opportunity to earn concurrent enrollment credit (both high school and university credit) through our partnership with Syracuse University.

Courses & Clubs

The Compass School offers core curriculum courses like English, math, and science, as well as a wide range of electives such as art, music, dance, and computer science.

In addition to academic courses, students are able to build relationships and friendships with students outside of class during our extracurriculars and clubs!


Family Wellness Program

Student & Family Wellness is one of our primary goals at The Compass School. Throughout a student’s education journey, both them and their families need to develop positive forms of communication to maintain a healthy relationship. We have a comprehensive program that utilizes both new and existing techniques to promote student and family wellness. No matter the issue or topic, our counselors’ doors are always open! Take advantage of our sessions for a check-in or attend sessions on a regular basis.

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