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Create Your Scholarship

We provide donors the opportunity to create their own scholarship program tailored around their desired impact. 

Step 1: Make a plan

When designing a scholarship program it is helpful to think of your own experiences and what support you may have wanted:

  • You should be thinking of the impact you would like to create

  • The causes that matter to you

  • Types of students you would like to reach through your scholarship

  • Do you want to create a customized scholarship or make a general donation to a scholarship pool?


Our most popular type of scholarship are K12 tuition scholarships that provide students access to a very high quality virtual school program that equips them with a strong foundation to be successful in their future careers. Please email if you would like our team to assist you in creating your ideal scholarship plan

Step 2: Selecting the right Program

After you have developed a plan for the types of students you want to be able to reach through your scholarship and the impact you want to create, it’s time to figure out the number of students and the duration you would like to provide a scholarship for. Often donors will make multi-year contributions that will provide students a pathway like a scholarship to complete a full high school diploma (4 year scholarship program). Please go to the Donate Now page of our website to see scholarship options.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need help selecting the right scholarship plan for you or would like to create a customized scholarship program please email!

Step 3: Making your Donation

Once you have selected the right scholarship program for you, its time to make your donation! You can make your donation right through our website, just click the Donate Now button below. You will be provided several options for your donation amount, if you want to donate an amount that is not listed, simply contact our team at!

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