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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my transcripts after the course?

After your course is completed, we automatically issue your transcripts.


What are typical assignments in online classes?

Assignments for online classes are similar to the ones provided in a brick-and-mortar school. Depending on the subject a few examples of assignments would be:

Math: Solving equations and worksheets to practice theories and concepts learned in class.

Science: Performing online labs which digitally simulate the experiments that could be conducted during a science class.

English: Reading the assigned novel and writing an argumentative essay that supports a hypothesis about the book.


Will there be a teacher in every class?

Yes, each class is conducted by the assigned teacher that will teach the entire course.


Do students need to attend classes at specific times?

Yes, The Compass School follows the schedule confirmed with the student. Classes are scheduled in advance for selected dates and times. Students are expected to attend each class.


What are the typical class sizes?

We offer one-on-one and group classes. Students are able to select which setting they prefer when registering for a course.


What is the UE+ learning management system?

UE+ platform is used for:

Course catalog: View our interactive course catalog, filter and select the right course.

Scheduling: Sign up and choose your schedule.

Content: Access all your course files, submit assignments, take quizzes and tests.Messages: Communicate with your teacher at any time.

Classes: View upcoming class list and log in to live class sessions.


How can I see my grades?

In our UE+ learning management system, students are able to view their grades at any time.


What is the typical workload for an online course?

Depending on the student's proficiency and curriculum, the course load will vary. Students are expected to:

Participate in class.

Complete homework and assignments.

Take quizzes and test.


What if I miss a class?

Teachers take attendance in each class and students are expected to attend or notify in advance if they cannot be present. Those taking one-on-one classes have the opportunity to reschedule some classes given prior notice. Those in group classes would only be able to reschedule a class if all students in the group placed a request; otherwise, if some students from a group miss the class, they can follow up with the teacher about what material was covered and conduct self-study.


How many weeks do online courses run?

Most of our courses have 36 hours of class time per semester, and 72 hours of class time per year. The duration of the course will be determined by the frequency of classes. For example, an intensive one-semester summer course (36 hours) would stretch over 6 weeks if the students were to take 6 hours of classes per week (36 divided by 6 equals 6), and over 8 weeks if the student were to take 4 hours per week (36 divided by 4 equals 8), etc.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing software that has lots of interactive features, like screen sharing and annotation that facilitates remote synchronous learning.


How do I Enroll and Register?

To create a free student account in UE+ Click Here and go to the Courses section to view an interactive course catalog. By selecting a course, you will be able to see the full course description and select whether you want to purchase a one-on-one or a group course. Follow the steps to process the payment. After purchasing the course, it will appear in the "Schedule a Course" section of your account. Click on the course and follow the steps to schedule. If you have registered for a group course, the class times will be provided.

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