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Compass School Testimonials

Would like to learn more about The Compass School's program? Hear what parents have to say about their program and their decision to enroll their children in a virtual school.

Question: What are challenges your child faced with in-person school?

This video shows 5 parent testimonials describing some of the challenges their children faced in an in-person school.

Question: Why did you choose to enroll your child in an online program?

This video shows 5 parent testimonials describing the decision-making process to enroll their child in an online program.

Question: Would you recommend our program to your friends?

This video shows 5 parent testimonials describing whether they would recommend our program to their friends.

Question: What are your favorite aspects about our program?

This video shows 5 parent testimonials describing their and their child's favorite aspects of our program.

Parent of a Scholar

“I have a 16-year-old daughter that was in public school for freshman year and she did not do very well and was struggling to keep up with little support from the teachers or administration. When Covid hit and the school instruction converted to an online format my daughter received even less support than before and fell very behind.  I was convinced we needed to find another school so I started looking into online virtual schools, and that’s when I came across The Compass School from Universal Education.  After comparing several other programs I reached out to the school and they quickly responded.  After a phone conversation with a school representative, I immediately felt a huge relief. I was deeply concerned that my daughter was falling further and further behind and the public school system was not helping her get back on track. After speaking with them and learning more about the program I enrolled my daughter.  Fortunately with the generous scholarship provided in partnership with we were able to enroll my daughter in a very high quality program and get her the support she needed.  She is a freshman and since she started her program, her grades have been 10 times better than what she received in a public school.  She is actually enjoying classes now and looks forward to attending! The Compass School program also gave us access to counselors for family wellness, and with the support of the counselors, administrators and teachers and The Compass School I have seen a huge change in my daughter’s attitude!  The school team is always very attentive and flexible to you and your children’s needs.  I can’t believe my daughter loves going to school now! Bianca is now doing very well and is learning a lot better than she ever did in public schools. Thank you so much, you saved my daughter and her future!”


“I have always struggled in school and was never motivated, most of the time I felt disconnected with my studies.  I was a straight F student from 5th grade to Freshman year because students, in particular low performing students, receive little to no support in the public school system.  I felt that once I was not on track, each year it would get worse and worse, and it made me frustrated.  Finally my mom and I discussed going to an online school and I was skeptical about it at first, but after experiencing it and being with my teachers from The Compass School, I finally felt like I wanted to go to school!  I finally felt like I had support from the teachers, administrators, and counselors.  These people believe in me and my abilities and have really made my education so much better.  I am so happy I joined The Compass School it has been a life changing experience!”

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